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What can Massage really do?

Massage can help create an environment for the brain to “relearn” that the messages sent from nociceptors do not always mean that the body is in real physical danger and does not, therefore, need to continue to create a pain response. This happens on a physical level via interacting with the nervous system using massage techniques but also on a psycho-socio level…

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New Website & massage services in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

I recently (quite impulsively I admit!) decided to move to sunny Ibiza and opened my own massage studio! Specialising in clinical massage. Omnia Bodyworks is operating from inside Pure Pilates Ibiza, run by the amazing Ivana. She teaches Contrology as originally developed by Joe Pilates. It's fantastic & goes hand in hand with the style of massage that I do. We will be setting up some awesome pilates/massage packages so that you can address pain and build core strength & stability!

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