Prepare for your session at Omnia Bodyworks

Wear loose and comfortable clothing. Depending upon the pain condition with which you are presenting you may be asked to perform a Range of Motion test and/or shown stretches that you can do at home to further prolong the benefits achieved during your session.

Communication is key. Although it is likely that different areas of the body can feel tightness we are searching for those trigger points that recreate your specific pain problem. Be prepared to give feedback about the level of intensity and any associated symptoms when working these areas.

Benchmark your progress over time. It is unlikely that one hourly massage session is going to undo hours, days, weeks or even years of bad habits & misusing your body. Committing to regular sessions will be the most effective way to achieve long lasting results. Our ultimate aim is to get you moving with ease and pain free in the most efficient manner. Following self-care advice will show even faster results & don't forget to celebrate the small gains!


All massage sessions include a creative combination of Eastern & Western techniques specifically tailored to meet your needs.

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