New Website & massage services in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Welcome to my shiny new website and blog ! 

I'm Leyla, I recently (quite impulsively I admit!) decided to move with my boyfriend Davide to start a new life for ourselves, away from the chaotic (& ever more pricey London) to sunny Ibiza!! 

Come to my studio

I've gone and opened my own massage studio! Specialising in clinical massage – an outcome-oriented approach that uses a creative integration of massage techniques. Whether the aim is to reduce musculo-skeletal pain; increase range of movement; or promote the positive psychological effects of touch, I work with the client to create an effective treatment plan with a route for progression that can be monitored, giving you more control over your long-term well-being. Omnia Bodyworks is operating from inside Pure Pilates Ibiza, run by the amazing Ivana. She teaches Contrology as originally developed by Joe Pilates. It's fantastic & goes hand in hand with the style of massage that I do. We will be setting up some awesome pilates/massage packages so that you can address pain and build core strength & stability!

First Ever Blog

I know the key to a successful blog (and life) is to be consistent and this is a skill I am very much working on... While I'm finding my feet setting up a business in a new country & learning a new language (sexy Spanish yey!) I'll be using this space to share info about the benefits of massage, tips on how to stay pain free & research that I find interesting. Please bear with me & feel free to get involved!